Q. I’ve never done this before, how do I go about getting an estimate done on my   furniture?

   It’s very simple. It can actually be handled in a few ways, you can:
1.    Schedule an appointment to have an estimator go out and give you an estimate on labor and yardage of   your pieces at the convenience of your own home.  FREE  (Within (10) Miles of our shop)
2.    You can bring in photos with dimensions of your furniture to get an idea how much you would spend on the project (all pieces need to be seen to determine price)
3.     You can e-mail us as much information in detail about your furniture so we can respond to your request as accurately as possible. All pieces need to be seen before determining final quote.

Q.    Do you bring Samples to the house?  

A.    Yes.
If you indicate to the estimator what color palette you want and more or less an explanation of the kind of fabric you want, a fabric library with your colors will be brought to your home for your perusal. If nothing suits you of the choices brought you’re always welcomed to stop by our showroom to see other options for fabrics.

Q.    Do you have a large selection of fabric? 

A.    Yes. We carry a very large selection of fabric from brand name companies like Kravet, Robert Allen, Duralee, Barrow Industries; to name a few. We have from low-end fabric to very high-end fabrics like: Osborne & Little, Kravet Couture, Lorca & Designers Guild, and fine silks. 

Q.    Do you work with and carry leather?

A.    Yes.
We work with leather as long as it’s not very thick. We carry a large selection of colors and texture in leather to meet your needs. 

Q.    Do you offer free pick up & delivery?

A.    We do
, as long as you are within a (10) mile radius of our Skokie Location. We Pick up and deliver for you free of charge with a minimum order of $350.

Q.    Do you ever branch out work to other places?

A.    No.
Never. We are a small family owned and operated business and we do all of the projects ourselves. We take pride in working on every piece we put our name behind. Clients are welcomed to come in and see their work in progress if they’d like. 

Q.    How long does a project typically take to complete?

    It’s variable depending on the piece of furniture, how much work it needs and how busy we are at that time. For instance. A job can take anywhere as little as (2) weeks and as long as (5) Weeks, sort of speak. Normally a couch takes 3-4 weeks, where a small chair can take as little as 1 1/2 to 2 weeks. You may want to ask the estimator at the time your piece is being inspected.